Behind the Scenes of my New Music Video!

With the single and video release for “Just So You Know” coming up, I wanted to take you behind the scenes! I had so much fun working with director Brock Mitchell (Shot At the Dark/DDG) who has created videos for Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Ruben and the Dark, and many more - as well as the great crew from OCL Studios! I am amazed with how the whole project came together. The incredible musicians behind me are Dan Reynolds on piano and Conrad Good on bass. 

We shot at Festival Hall in Calgary and the beautiful, dark set took about three hours to build. For the video, we shot several takes to capture each musician's movement from every angle. And to create something different, we took the front board off of our beautiful piano so you can watch the hammers shift up and down with each note played. Though we did many takes of video, the audio used was recorded in just one, live off the floor take. It was important to me to record like this to capture the incredible emotion of the piece as it was sung. The end result is something I am very, very proud of. My deepest thank you to everyone involved! What an awesome day! 

To the entire crew: Engineers Josh Rob Gwilliam and James Bundy, videographers Chantelle Kolesnik and Jaimie Stewart, my makeup artist Kate Barutowicz, The Fringe Hair, Conrad’s wonderful fiancée Emily Harrison who was there assisting us all day, Festival Hall for the beautiful space, and Steinway Piano Gallery Calgary, who generously donated our piano. THANK YOU! 

Even though the set took three hours to build… it didn’t take us long to have some fun taking it down! Enjoy the video below!