Ellen Doty - Just So You Know

Ashton Wong, Great Canadian Music 

I learned about the Great Canadian Music of Ellen Doty through a message from her kind manager @dotysarah on Twitter! I am glad we connected and I look forward to hearing more of Ellen’s music! Just 1 week ago, Ellen released her first single “Just So You Know” off her upcoming second album. Have a listen:

A very emotional and touching song with a well produced video to go with it. I later found out that the song’s lyrics were inspired through a sad circumstance of her friend’s wife passing away in a car accident. That led me to understand the tranquility and sincerity you can hear in Ellen’s amazing voice with the soft piano and string accompaniment.

And if you’re into jazz and swing music, you’ll definitely want to check out “No Good Man” which is a song from her first album Gold:

Once again I was impressed with the video production featuring Ellen in earlier decades – diner as a background, driving a classic Mercury, swing dancing, old television set, wow! As wonderful as her vocals. I am glad to have found Ellen’s talent and hope you are too! Expect her next album to be released in 2016!

Visit Ellen Doty’s official website at www.ellendoty.com! You can also check out her YouTube channel and her social media pages: Facebook and Twitter @EllenDoty. If you like what you hear, be sure to support her through iTunes!